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Wave Bye Bye 2015: P60, Amstelveen by William Richards

24 MAY 2015  //  Posted by Admin

Wave Bye Bye | P60 | Pics…

25 JAN 2015  //  Posted by Admin

We had a blast playing our final P60 show in the presence of (Echo) Bowie fans, friends and family. People from all over Holland, Belgium, Germany, UK and yes, even Australia (!) travelled to Holland join us in celebrating David Bowie (Official)’s 68th birthday and waving our first bye bye.


Villi Asgeirsson’s Berlin film and Mennomail’s & DJ Sandeman’s mash-up David Bowie – A Tribute In Sound And Vision were perfect for the Bowie68 night, and of course DJ TV Queen Bitch gave the night a cool, bitchy and lovely edge again. Yes, the bitch was back!

As for us, we wanted to create a set with Bowie favourites, some recent songs, some lesser known stuff and songs we hadn’t played for a while or in some cases never before. One hasn’t even been performed live by Mr. Bowie (yet). So that’s how a.o. Always Crashing In The Same Care, Queen Bitch, Fashion and The Stars Are Out Tonight ended up in the set. We had a ball!! Thank you for the great reception and reactions afterwards!!

We created a special playlist with the songs in the set.

Special thanks go out to Armand and Michel (Lights/Sound/Video), the P60 crew and Villi, Menno and Trevor (a.k.a. DJ TV Queen Bitch).


Only three shows left now…

Wanna see some pics? Check our Facebook profile.


Golden Years Are Now theatre show: the pictures

19 NOV 2013  //  Posted by Admin

Check out some pictures of our Golden Years Are Now 2013-2014 show. We’re proud! Photography: William Richards.

Check out tourdates and join us in celebrating David Bowie’s music.