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Hans’s Top 15 Bowie tracks

22 AUG 2012  //  Posted by Admin

Benieuwd naar wat Hans – Echo Bowie’s zanger – z’n favoriete Bowie-songs zijn? Omdat het ons vaak wordt gevraagd en omdat Bono’s Bowie Top 15 ons inspireerde, dachten we ‘laten we onszelf eens de bijna onmogelijke opdracht geven ook onze Bowie Top 15 samen te stellen’. Na Wout, is het woord aan Hans. Omdat de Top 15 eerder op Echo Bowie’s Facebook-pagina verscheen, is de tekst van de Top 15 in het Engels.

Eigenlijk is het onmogelijk om een Bowie Top 15 te maken. Honderden songs om uit te kiezen… Al die verschillende periodes, al die verschillende stijlen… Maar goed, als het moet, dan deze:

15. Time – 1973
At #15 is the beautiful ‘Time’. Hans: ‘this song was so cool as the opener of the encore during the Glass Spider concert in 1987, Rotterdam, my first ever Bowie gig. Lovely lyric, most of all the outro verse.’

14. Loving The Alien -1984
A song that was on the same album as ‘Blue Jean’, the song that brought me to Bowie, although I had heard Stage, Hunky Dory and Scary Monsters before via my sister and nephew. I love this song with it’s strange structure and chord sequence, and of course the lyrics. I loved DB’s performance of this song during the Glass Spider Show.

13. Five Years -1972
Beautiful Bowie classic from the Ziggy Stardust Album. Although I first heard it on Stage. No chorus, only at the end. I love songs without a chorus. Roxy Music also has many of them. I think they inspired Bowie. Great song to perform with Echo Bowie.

12. Survive -1999
A more ‘recent’ song at #12 – it’s from 1999 – which is called ‘Survive’. A simple love song – not typically Bowie – with a lovely melody and mood. Full of melancholy and regret. Another lovely song to perform.

11. Teenage Wildlife -1980
This is one Bowie’s best songs, that’s why it’s at #11 (double 1:)). It’s got all the Bowieisms in it that I love. The lyrics full of desperation, the cool backings, again no real chorus. In 1995 he played it live during the Outside Tour, which Wouter (EB’s drummer) and me saw in London. It was even more impressive live.

10. Little Wonder -1997
A great weird tune. Uncommon song structure. Still catchy stuff. Should have been a bigger hit, but in my opinion still a classic. Should have been on the Reality Tour setlist. From the 1997 Earthling album, it’s Little Wonder!

9. Slip Away – 2002
‘When I heard it on the Heathen album it felt like Bowie coming home. Lovely song, not easy, but very satisfying to perform live with Echo Bowie, so it keeps coming back to our setlist every now and then. Twinkle, twinkle Uncle Floyd…’

8. Jump They Say – 1993
Bowie’s own unique blend of Eurofunk, including cool eastern sounding sax part played backwards. Love it.

7. Word On A Wing -1976
Word On A Wing, from the Station To Station album. Need I say more? Bowie at his most spiritual.

6. Buddha Of Suburbia – 1993
a forgotten Bowie jewel: Buddha Of Suburbia. Not one of his coolest images in the video, but nevertheless a great 1993 song, in the style of his early 70’s work and a bit of Absolute Beginners. A not-very-well-known Bowie classic.

5. Sons Of The Silent Age – 1977
A mysterious and beautiful haunting song from the ‘Heroes’ album, called Sons Of The Silent Age. Enjoyed it very much during the Glass Spider in De Kuip in ’87, despite the arrangement’s 80’s flavour and Peter Frampton’s take over in the chorus…

4. Space Oddity – 1969
Well….just one of pop music’s all time best songs: Space Oddity (Ground Control To Major Tom…). The start of Bowie’s use of ‘space’ as metafor for alienation and loneliness.

3. Heroes – 1977
A song we now hear in commercials all the time, but it’s still such a classic great song. Always a treat to perform live with Echo Bowie: HEROES.

2. Life On Mars? -1971
I still remember hearing this song for the first time when I played my sister’s copy of Hunky Dory in my parent’s house ’round 83-84. The dramatic chorus with it’s violins really blew me away. Didn’t make anything of the surrealistic lyrics though…

1. Ashes To Ashes – 1980
This song’s got it all: a cool groove, beautiful melody, futuristic sounds and at the same time a nostalgic feel in lyrics and vocals. A pleasure to perform the song live with Echo Bowie. Again and again….

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Nieuwe foto’s van Speed Of Life – Bowie 65 in P60!

18 FEB 2012  //  Posted by Admin

Was je erbij en wil je nagenieten? Heb je het gemist en wil je weten hoe het was? Lees en bekijk hier alles over Echo Bowie’s Speed Of Life Bowie 65 in P60 Amstelveen, op 7 januari jl.

Werk je voor een club/podium of festival en wil je de Speed Of Life Show van Echo Bowie boeken? Check ‘downloadables’ rechtsonder op deze homepage en neem contact op.